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        Flange screw

        Product classification


        Kunshan giant Kerry Fastening System Co., Ltd.

        Contact: Liu total

        Mobile: 15151621186

        E-mail: 1608063738@qq.com

        Website: www.tifosweat.com

        Address: Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Kunming City, 2188 North Road

        Cross big flat head screw

        Your current position: Home >> Products >> Cross big flat head screw
        The company has young and professional and technical team at the same time have a modern production equipment and a variety of auxiliary equipment and testing equipment, etc .; Main long screws, screws, furniture screws, sheet metal screws, car screws, etc .; screws available diameter 1.0 ~ 12mm, length can be unlimited, after years of research and development, long screws and long screws are very advantageous, can be processed to order processing orders
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