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        Flange screw

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        What is high strength bolt

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        What is high strength bolt

        Date of release:2016-07-27 Author: Click:

        Bolts made of high-strength steel or requiring a large pre-tightening force are all referred to as high-strength bolts. High-strength bolts and more for bridges, rails, high pressure and high pressure equipment connection. This bolt fracture brittle fracture and more. The analysis shows that the simplified shear strength model of high strength bolts and the hysteretic model under cyclic loading can accurately simulate the mechanical behavior of such joints. The structure of the hysteresis model is simple and accurate, which provides the basis for engineering analysis.

        The nonlinear finite element model of high strength bolt connection is established by using general finite element software ABAQUS. The element selection, bolt stress behavior, material constitutive and contact model are described in detail. Combined with the typical high strength bolt shear test, The accuracy and applicability of the finite element model are established, and the shearing performance of high strength bolts is discussed in depth. High-strength bolts used in ultra-high voltage equipment require large prestressing to ensure the sealing of the container.

        By means of parameter analysis, the three characteristic points of the shear simplified model of high strength bolts are determined, and the simplified model of shear resistance of such bolts and the hysteretic model under cyclic loading are proposed. Several concepts on high-strength bolts 1. According to the provisions of the bolt performance level of 8.8 or more, known as high-strength bolts. National standards are only listed to M39, for large size specifications, especially the length of more than 10% to 15% High strength bolts, domestic production is still short-term.

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